Monthly Archives: February 2013

Cut scene animations

I found that setting a character’s position wasn’t working or was crashing the game. It only worked after I set the character’s solid_dimensions_in and collide_dimensions_in to null (empty list). Without this the game was generating an error because the character was on top of another character or object that was occupying the same place.

Cut scene references

In order to implement the opening dialog I find that I’m having to use the get_object(level, …) function a lot. I know there must be a better way to get a handle on the other objects in the current level but I can’t see how this is done. In milgrams-throne-room.cfg they use “milgram” to refer to the antagonist but I don’t see how they set this up. I tried to use the “label” property of the objects hoping that this would create a keyword that refers to the object from within the current level but this didn’t seem to work. I’ll just have to use get_object for the time being…