I tried using a series of “title” commands along with “screen_flash” commands to show the prologue text on the screen when the game started. This isn’t really what it was designed for but it worked OK initially. Unfortunately it had some problems. Multiple lines of text got a little smushed together but more importantly the commands are given an argument to specify how long to show the text on the screen and once executed it cannot be stopped. This made skipping through it (by pressing a key) impossible. The solution was to make each page of prologue text a different background image that corresponds to its own “level” which gets cycled through when the user presses something. This had the added advantage of giving me much more flexibility to control the layout and styling of the text.

I still don’t like the resolution of the title screen. Although the actual resolution is 800×600 the practical resolution of the title screen is 400×300. The scaling that results makes the text on the screen blurry and hard to read. I’ll have to figure out what’s going on here but we’ll leave that as a future task for now.