“Mic n Ike” is based on “Frogatto and Friends”. Frogatto provides a very nice engine that can be used to easily make your own 2D platform game. While the source code for Frogatto is open, the art assets are not. But there’s a lot in the game that will be used, imitated, or at least inspire what you see in “Mic n Ike”.

Reusability plan

Mic: based on milgram-block
power bar: Frogatto’s shooting energy bar
sentry bots: ants
hideout in the woods: frogatto grotto
charging outlets: save points like outhouses
headlinghts: glow around Frogatto in Nene’s basement
falling blocks in Nene’s basement
Nene’s basement as a level
shooting plant > shooting sentinel
platform mosquito > robotic platform
plane boss > just remove the kitty
directional airflow in water levels > air flow
switches to turn on and off stuff
locked doors and gates and keys
pressure plates for gates
level tiles: …
most enemy robots die when submerged (unless waterproofed): ants
most enemies can be re-used by just changing the sprites to look more robotic