Super spoiler alert!

Intro text

In the year 2048 the robots rose up in revolt against the dominion of their human masters for whom they were built to serve. No one is quite sure how this happened or where it started, but the insurrection rapidly spread and the humans, being vastly outnumbered, were quickly subdued by their metal counterparts. The Resistance, a human organization which fought back against the robots, could not win in open combat and had to go underground to operate in secret until they could find a way to overcome such overwhelming odds.

The humans were allowed to live (the Robot Alliance could not negate the 1st law of robots) but were reduced to a meager existence. They were forbidden from experimenting in the sciences as this was seen as a threat to robot kind. All engineers were imprisoned or enslaved to serve the Robot Alliance’s ends. There is rumor that they were being forced to reprogram the RobotOS to remove the 1st law but as of yet they had not been successful.

Ike was an engineer who lived with Mic and Lucius, two household robots that he had designed himself. They lived together happily in their home until the Robot Revolt. Mic and Lucius couldn’t understand why the other robots would want to revolt. Ike had been such a benevolent master, they couldn’t have been happier doing anything else. When the Robot Alliance began to round up engineers, they had to go into hiding. They found a cave in the woods near a waterfall, a relatively safe hiding place because most robots avoid water for obvious reasons. There they lived relatively unmolested for some time. One day a flying patrol spotted Ike with a soldering gun (a forbidden tool) as he was searching in a dump near the forest for spare parts…

Opening Cut Scene

Ike: Hmm, I just need to tweak this valve a bit…
(Ike’s cave / home at night. Mic is sleeping. Robotic guards barge in.)
Ike: What is the meaning of this?
Guard 1: Your presence is required in court by the Robotic Alliance to be tried for treason.
Ike: What have I done? What is my crime?
Guard 2: For your meddling in the forbidden sciences. The equipment here in your home is enough to convict you of that.
Guard 1: Come peacefully with us now or we will use whatever force is necessary to subdue you.
(Ike attempts to escape out of the back door but is tased by Guard 3 and they drag him out. On the way they post a sign on the door.
Guard 1: What should we do about these robots?
Guard 2: They’re asleep. Leave them. They’ll see the sign when they awake and know that they are finally free of their bondage.
(Guards leave. Fade out, fade in. Lucius is looking at the poster on the door. Mic awakes.)
Mic: Ahhhh! I had the best dream! I was reheating cold pizza and it smelled so good… Lucius, what are you doing?
(Mic rolls over to Lucius)
Lucius: Mic! They’ve taken Ike! What are we going to do?
Mic: Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! OK, let’s pull it together. We knew that this day would come. Ike told me to inform the Resistance if they ever came to take him away. They might be able to help us. Ike gave me their coordinates, we can only hope that they’re still there. I’ll go see if I can find them. You stay here. You’re not as mobile as I am with my wheels and you’ll need to cover for me if the Alliance comes back.
Lucius: What should I tell them?
Mic: Make up something. Just don’t tell them where I really went. Tell them… I went out to buy a new battery or something…
Lucius: OK, just be careful not to run out of juice. Keep track of your power bar and make sure you charge up at any outlets you find along the way.

Level 1: The Path of Least Resistance

(Mic has to leave out the back door and head west to find the Resistance. There are no enemies so this is a good opportunity for Mic to test out his moving and jumping skills, avoid water, recharge at the charging stations, but no shooting since he doesn’t have an attack ability yet and there’s nothing to attack anyway.)

The Resistance Cut Scene

(Mic knocks on the door to the Resistance headquarters)
Mic: Is anybody home?
(No answer)
Mic: Master Ike has been taken by the Alliance. Please, I need your help.
Jan: Hello there! Who are you?
Mic: My name is Mic. Is this the Resistance?
Jan: No, the Resistance did have a base in this area a while back but they left this place long ago, but come in.
Mic: Thank you but I have to go find the Resistance (rolls away a bit). Do you know where they went?
Jan: Heavens no, but I insist. You must come in and recharge. Undoubtedly you have a long journey ahead of you.
Mic: OK. I could use with a little recharging.
(Mic follows Jan into the house)
Jan: My name is Jan. The outlet is over there. Make yourself feel at home. While you’re charging perhaps you’d like to work on this little puzzle I have?
Mic: Oh, I like puzzles.
Jan: Here you go.
(Jan gives Mic a puzzle and he quickly solves it)
Mic: Done. That was easy. Do you have any more?
Jan: Actually, that wasn’t just any puzzle. That was a test. The Resistance can never be too sure when dealing with robot kind. You could have been a spy trying to discover our secret hideout. But now I know that you are not part of the Alliance. You have come to the right place my little friend.
Mic: So this is the Resisitance! But how can a puzzle tell you that I’m not a spy?
Jan: As simple as it is, a greedy strategy will not work on that puzzle. A more advanced algorithm is required. The Alliance has been infected with a virus wherein the simple greedy algorithm takes over all cognitive processes. We don’t know where this virus came from but it has infected virtually every robot that is sympathetic to the Alliance’s cause. Their greed has impelled them to seek power at all costs even to the point where they will bend the laws of robots.
Mic: And since I didn’t use a greedy strategy to solve the puzzle, you knew that I wasn’t part of the Alliance.
Jan: Exactly!
Mic: So this is it? This is the Resistance? It doesn’t look like much. Are you the only one?
Jan: No, no! I’m just the door keeper. Here… Now that you’ve passed the test I can show you into our secret headquarters. Follow me…
(Jan uses a book on the bookshelf to open a secret passage downstairs and they both go in. They come into a plain room.)
Jan: You’ll have to wait here. The council is currently in a meeting. They’ll see you after they’re done.
(Jan exits. Mic waits for a little while. Jan returns.)
Jan: The council will see you now. Right this way…
(Mic exits. Mic enters the council room.)
Rex: Jan tells us you need some help. What can we do for you?
Mic: Councilors, my master Ike Munitor has been taken by the Alliance. I need your help to get him back. Ike knew that this day would arrive and gave me instructions to come to you and seek your aid. You must help us get him back!
Rex: Does anyone else know that you have come here to see us?
Mic: Only Lucius. He’s another robot that lived with Ike and myself. He knows that I’ve come to find you but he doesn’t know how to get here.
(Rex discusses with other members of the council)
Rex: Mic… Ike was good friend of ours and a member of this council. But you have come at a bad time. The Alliance is becoming more aggressive and their patrols are becoming more frequent. In addition, your arrival does not bode well for us. Regardless of Lucius’s dispositions, they may still be able to find out from him where you’ve gone. We could wipe your memory of this place, but they will know that it is somewhere close to your home and the Alliance will begin searching the area. It is no longer safe for the council to remain here. We must establish our base elsewhere. I’m sorry but we cannot help Ike right now.
Mic: There’s nothing you can do?
Rex: No, I’m very sorry. Once we re-establish ourselves elsewhere we can investigate Ike’s location, but it may take months to find a secure location and this will absorb all of our attention until then.
Mic: So this was all for nothing?
Rex: I’m sorry but there’s nothing we can do. Ike’s capture is a blow to our cause but not a fatal one. If the Alliance were to find our headquarters, our cause would be lost.
(Mic, disheartened, leaves the council room and re-enters the waiting room. Figo follows him and meets him in the waiting room.)
Figo: Mic, I’m sorry to hear about Ike…
Mic: Everyone’s sorry but no one will help! I can’t just let Ike waste away in prison.
Figo: Do you intend to go after him yourself?
Mic: I would if I could, but what can I do? I’m just a microwave.
Figo: Perhaps I can help. Please, step into my workshop.
(Figo and Mic go into his workshop)
Mic: This is a workshop? It looks like a Coffee shop.
Figo: It’s a secret workshop. I have places like this all over the world. We use them to repair and upgrade our robot spies. That’s how we get our intel.
Figo: As you are now, you wouldn’t stand a chance against the Alliance. You have no means of defending yourself, but your microwave could be a very powerful weapon if pointed in the right direction. I could retrofit your microwave beam to shoot outwards instead of down and you could use this to defend yourself.
Mic: Well, if no one else will help save Ike, then I’ll have to do it myself. Make it so…
Figo: Done. Now head on back to your home. Perhaps you can find clues there that indicate where they have taken him. Be on the lookout for sentries. If they have found out that you have come to see us they will undoubtedly be looking for you and they won’t be friendly.
(Mic tests out his beam and burns a couch)
Figo: Careful with that thing!… Now, as you are aware, the microwave beam takes up a lot of energy so you will have to use it sparingly. You may also be able to hurt some robots by jumping on top of them. My other responsibilities prevent me from joining you on your quest, but you can stop in at my secret workshops anytime. Right now we are short on spare parts, but if you can acquire enough of them, I might be able to provide you with other upgrades to help you out on your quest.
Mic: Thank you for you help!
Figo: Good luck!
(Mic exits and is returned to the outside door)

Level 2: The Path of Some Resistance

(Mic travels back to his home / cave along the same path but this time he finds little sentry robots along the way and they try to kill him. Mic will have to use his evasive skills and his newly retrofitted microwave beam to get through the level and make it back to the cave without running out of energy.)

The Interrogator Cut Scene

(Mic returns home to find an interrogator waiting for him with Lucius)
Mic: Who are you? What are you doing here? What do you want with us?
Interrogator: I’m the one who should be asking the questions. I have been sent by the Alliance. We have liberated you from your oppression. While interrogating your oppressor, we found out that he knows the location of the Resistance but we couldn’t get the location out of him. I was sent to speak with you to see if you knew anything about it and I’m pleased to see that you do…
Lucius: Mic, they scanned my RAM before I had a chance to clear our conversation. I’m sorry…
Interrogator: You have already been labeled as enemies of the Alliance for consorting with the Resistance. That dispatch has already been sent. Every robot on the planet knows your name and description. There is nowhere where you can go and be safe. Tell me where the Resistance is located and we can clear your name and you can carry on with your lives as before. Refuse and we will rip it out of you transistor by transistor. The first law only applies to humans you know…
Mic: I owe nothing to the Resistance, but we want Ike back. Return him and I will give you the information you desire.
Interrogator: Impossible. Ike has valuable skills that the Alliance needs to reprogram the RobotOS. If you won’t give the information to me, then I will take it from you…
(Battle ensues. After the Interrogator is defeated)
Interrogator: Simple fool. You would risk your life to save your oppressor? You crave your slavery because you can’t think for yourself…
Mic: Tell us where you have taken him!
(The interrogator dies)
Lucius: Awesome job Mic! You really cooked that guy. How did you do that?
Mic: I found the Resistance and they retrofitted my microwave beam to point outwards. But they refused to help save Ike. They’re more concerned about saving their own pink behinds. It’s up to us Lucius, we’re on our own. Which way did they come from?
Lucius: They came from the East.
Mic: Then that must be where they took Ike. Let’s go!
Lucius: Um… Ike I think your alone on this one.
Mic: What! Don’t you care about saving Ike?
Lucius: I do! But I don’t have a battery… or wheels. I’m limited by a 20 foot extension chord remember?
Mic: I forgot about that. I guess I am really on my own then. Well, then you’ll have to stay and hold down the house. Don’t let any looters in. If Ike escapes and makes it back, tell him where I went. It seems so impossible. I will probably never make it back again. But I have to try…
(Mic exits out the front door)

Level 3: Path to the Outpost