Ike saved Mic from a junk heap and fixed him up with loving care and gave him his freedom of movement (training wheels). They lived together happily until the Robot Revolt… They had to go into hiding because the Robot Alliance was hunting for Engineers to imprison because they posed a threat to robot dominance. Mic and Ike found a hiding place in a cave in the woods near a waterfall, a relatively safe hiding place because most robots avoid water for obvious reasons. There they lived relatively unmolested for some time. One day they were found out when a flying patrol spotted Ike with a soldering gun as he was searching in a dump near the forest for spare parts. A robotic garrison came and took Ike away while Mic was sleeping. Mic woke up to find Ike gone. But Ike had prepared for this day. Knowing that they would eventually be discovered, Ike always wore an encrypted wireless beacon and had given Mic the encryption key and instructions to inform the Resistance so that they could find and save him in the case that he was discovered. Mic goes in search of the resistance. The Resistance is logically somewhat skeptical of Mic’s intentions… Once the Resistance is convinced of Mic’s sympathy for their cause… he is allowed into their base and given an opportunity to state his errand. Unfortunately the Resistance is plagued with more urgent matters … and refuse to help find Ike. Mic endeavors to embark on the quest alone to save his beloved master from the Alliance. Figo, a member of the Resistance, is touched by Mic’s heroic courage and devotion to his master. While his duties to the Resistance prohibit him from joining Mic on his journey, he pledges to help fix Mic up and upgrade his abilities at any of his secret shops scattered throughout the world provided that Mic can bring him the necessary spare parts. To start, he retrofits Mic to be able to shoot his microwave beam outward in order to protect himself from other hostile robots. Mic has to be ready for a long and hard fight against the Alliance to save Ike from slavery and perhaps even death.