Life and death

Mic will have to periodically power up at an outlet or steal juice from the batteries of his foes. Every action he takes will require a certain amount of energy (some more than others) and will drain his battery. If he ever completely runs out of energy he will shutdown and become permanently imobilized thus failing in his mission.


Mic will encounter various items that he can collect and use to aid him on his adventure
outlets and batteries: full / partial charging
spare parts: needed for upgrades


Initially Mic has a weak (short range) microwave burst which he can use to destroy small robots but he will have to upgrade in order to successfully do battle against larger mechanical monstrosities.
improved hydraulics: higher jumping
rocket boosters: flying
headlights: seeing in the dark
larger battery: longer charge
micro-overdrive: longer / more powerful beam
gearing: faster speeds
more efficient …
guns, rockets, etc: long range attacks
hammer: devastating physical attacks and breaking microwave-safe objects
swivel bearings: sweeping 180° attacks
sealant: allow water entry without short-circuiting
water spray: for short circuiting other robots
solar panel: power regeneration when the sun’s out
flame thrower